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What difference can a decade make?

We are actively working on the launch of www.TheDecadeThatMadeTheDifference.com It has been an exciting 12 years since The Launch Party and events of 02/02/02. We are very thankful to our partners, clients and associates who have so far successful impacted many thousands of businesses and many millions of people. We have now passed several mile […]

121212 – The ramifications

Everyone was building up for an amazing event on 121212. Several years ago we predicted and planned for a global celebration that would touch billions and start something remarkable. The events in the US and other countries produced more cohesion in viewing that many had expected and the financial and social impact of the global […]

2012 – A year of changes and transformation

This year has been a truly amazing year – both in terms of sights of beauty and experiences that shock. The recent impact of “Gaia” on the West Coast of America, which has left so many feet of sea water filling tunnels highlights the importance of the work we’ve been doing and for furthering the […]

The SOS Day – 21st June

21 June 2012 is the first official www.theSOSday.com It’s also a great example of professional accountable teams working to bring about amazing results in record time with limited resources or warning. From concept to the first site being up and online took less than a few hours, and included a new logo and brand development, […]

Peace One Day

Please find out the facts about Peace One Day at http://peaceoneday.org/ and think about what you can do on 21st September 2012 whether as a part of Sharing Our Solutions , the Strategic Optimisation Summit or the Global Truce Day. 2012 looks to be a key year, and it is very encouraging to see so many businesses, initiatives […]

Olympics 2012 London

As we move towards the launch of the London 2012 Olympics, it is incredible to see live the changes to London which has been one of our primary bases for over a decade. We have direct involvement with several Olympians some who have already achieved Golds in previous years and some for whom this will […]

Fresh Forms

The need to monetize the web is more and more clear and pressing for millions of people, and we predict billions of the coming decades. The first key to doing this is through a Form. The Simple Idea is to enable anyone to have a beautiful looking web form, that will help them understand, interact, […]

Psi Pi Group support Business and London 2012

After over a decade of preparation Psi Pi Group are watching the incredible events happen in London and globally in 2012. It is great to see ideas that were seeded coming to fruition and the incremental and exponential growth that is now becoming public. We look forward to ongoingly supporting our clients, partners and friends […]


Psi Pi Group was founded by Simon Hedley with the support, inspiration, mentorship and at the request of senior global figures in energy, entertainment, communications, technology, banking, medicine, education, research, science, technology and philanthropy. It has for over twenty years brought together the best of the best to support the highest intentions.

The Simple Idea

The Simple Idea™ is all about elegant solutions that make a big difference to people, projects and productivity. Psi Pi Group support The Simple Idea in creating software solutions around points of pain, irritation and stress – otherwise described as frictions and inefficiencies. Simon Hedley and the other developers and designed come up with creative and […]