Olympics 2012 London

As we move towards the launch of the London 2012 Olympics, it is incredible to see live the changes to London which has been one of our primary bases for over a decade. We have direct involvement with several Olympians some who have already achieved Golds in previous years and some for whom this will be their first experience of an event of this scale.

We wish all the participants, volunteers, sponsors and athletes the best for the coming weeks, and are reminded of the original intent of the Olympics and the symbology behind the Olympic logo.

We hope that the London 2012 can be a great spring board towards global collaboration, especially during this period of major unrest for so many.

2012 has certainly been a turning point year for many people, businesses and governments.

The Leverage 2012 program is still working well to support the maximum results from all levels and we are clear that the Olympics is a perfect start for the next two quarters as we lead up to Global Peace Day on 21 September 2012 and the 3rd Sharing Our Solutions and Strategic Optimisation Summit, and onwards to 12th December 2012.

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