What difference can a decade make?

We are actively working on the launch of

It has been an exciting 12 years since The Launch Party and events of 02/02/02.

We are very thankful to our partners, clients and associates who have so far successful impacted many thousands of businesses and many millions of people.

We have now passed several mile markers that mean that next phases of ventures and strategic operation plans can now be activated.

We will be actively updating past clients and proving them with the opportunity to upgrade in the coming month.


The SOS Day – 21st June

The SOS Day

The SOS Day

21 June 2012 is the first official

It’s also a great example of professional accountable teams working to bring about amazing results in record time with limited resources or warning.

From concept to the first site being up and online took less than a few hours, and included a new logo and brand development, back-end infrastructure and test marketing.

Many thanks to the team from and

The SOS Day

The SOS Day

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