121212 – The ramifications

Everyone was building up for an amazing event on 121212.

On 121212

On 121212

Several years ago we predicted and planned for a global celebration that would touch billions and start something remarkable.

The events in the US and other countries produced more cohesion in viewing that many had expected and the financial and social impact of the global concerts we feel will create a great change over time.

The On 121212 Contest also generated tremendous global interest.

The good news, the world ending predictions came and went.

We are all still here – as far as we know..

We are actively working with clients and partners on how to best Leverage 2012 and ensure they have a great next decade.

Peace One Day

Please find out the facts about Peace One Day at and think about what you can do on 21st September 2012 whether as a part of Sharing Our Solutions , the Strategic Optimisation Summit or the Global Truce Day.

2012 looks to be a key year, and it is very encouraging to see so many businesses, initiatives doing well and supporting the initiatives.

We were pleased to attend the official london launch event on the 12th June 2012 at Central Hall in Westminster, where we brought along several of our partners who were not yet familiar with the initiative and Jeremy spoke eloquently on the needer for wider collaboration.


Simon Hedley - Peace One Day - Global Truce Launch