What difference can a decade make?

We are actively working on the launch of

It has been an exciting 12 years since The Launch Party and events of 02/02/02.

We are very thankful to our partners, clients and associates who have so far successful impacted many thousands of businesses and many millions of people.

We have now passed several mile markers that mean that next phases of ventures and strategic operation plans can now be activated.

We will be actively updating past clients and proving them with the opportunity to upgrade in the coming month.


121212 – The ramifications

Everyone was building up for an amazing event on 121212.

On 121212

On 121212

Several years ago we predicted and planned for a global celebration that would touch billions and start something remarkable.

The events in the US and other countries produced more cohesion in viewing that many had expected and the financial and social impact of the global concerts we feel will create a great change over time.

The On 121212 Contest also generated tremendous global interest.

The good news, the world ending predictions came and went.

We are all still here – as far as we know..

We are actively working with clients and partners on how to best Leverage 2012 and ensure they have a great next decade.

2012 – A year of changes and transformation

This year has been a truly amazing year – both in terms of sights of beauty and experiences that shock.

The recent impact of “Gaia” on the West Coast of America, which has left so many feet of sea water filling tunnels highlights the importance of the work we’ve been doing and for furthering the work in the areas of Disaster Avoidance Design, and true contingency planning.

On top of this, the global need for a cure for cancer
(Stand Up for Cancer ) – both the physical, financial and metaphysical seems more pressing than ever.

There is a growing population seeking a new way, but without the role models they need, and we are proud to be inspiring and supporting those who will be taking this baton forward.

In London, UK in a few days will be the latest updates in the cloud which looks set to be a key linch pin in our shared futures – however the thought – what if it goes down? does still require thinking through.. especially to the new generation that will not remember congruently a pre-iPhone generation.

On top of this, we are moving towards 12-12-12 with a renewed vigour and importance and thank all our partners and supporters for their help so far.