Psi Pi Group | Creativity Through Technology™

Psi Pi Group is an elite by-referral consulting group that works and partners strategically with Banks, Businesses, Governments, Entrepreneurs, Funds, Charities, Foundations, Trusts, Sovereigns, Celebrities, and people in the fields of Sports, Music, Media, and Movies.

Have you ever wondered what would be possible if you had access to the right strategies, resources, teams and opportunities?

We are able through our extensive global network and experienced consultants to help our clients gain the right strategies, resources, teams and opportunities. We then help them leverage their assets and optimise the results they produce.

We incorporate and provide access through our network of partners, consultants, associates and friends the best of the best in the world.

We also have our own proprietary methodologies, intellectual property and active business interests.

Due to the confidential nature of what we do we only normally work by referral.

Occasionally potential clients and partners are invited to work with the group by one or more Psi Pi Group consultants. Preliminary audits, interviews and screenings are carried out before people are offered the opportunity to work the group and our consultants and partners.

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Our Mission

Psi Pi Group has been given a clear mandate and mission to: Maximise and Harness Creativity Globally through Technology™.

Our Vision

We make the difference to the lives of billions of people globally helping them into abundance through education, empowerment, business and service directly and indirectly producing a more and more optimally Connected World with Every Mouth Fed and Every Thirst Quenched.

We are doing this by fuelling and enabling The Entrepreneurs Revolution™, The Creativity Challenge™ and The Integrity Revolution™.

This is currently being shepherded through The Decade That Made The Difference™.

Inspiration and Thanks

We have been inspired by the work of many individuals and groups that have come before including most notably Richard Buckminster “Bucky” Fuller.

Special thanks go to Dr K R Hedley for her ongoing support and counsel.

Managing Director | Simon Hedley FCA

Simon Hedley FCASimon Hedley FCA is the current Managing Director and founder of Psi Pi Group.

He is a Chartered Accountant with expertise and experience includes: Investment Banking, Structuring, Investment Management, Marketing, Human Potential and Digital Strategy.

Having worked for KPMG and other businesses, Simon joined the newly formed PricewaterhouseCoopers working in the Banking Capital Markets practice.

He spent a decade in banking working across Morgan Stanley, RBS and ABN Amro.

At ABN Amro he was instrumental in the development of the Custom Indices, ETF, Shariah and Online Trading Platforms amongst others and became the Investment Manager responsible for ABN Amro’s ETF as well as other Structured Funds.

He has been seen on TV and published internationally.